Can Capital Punishment Be Justified? A Study

Likhitha Sri Naidu Velamala, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad


The Death Penalty is the punishment of highest severity. The existence of Capital punishment has always raised debates all over the world. There are people who support it and oppose it. Generally there are people who support abolishment of death penalty and those who are against the abolishment. Most of the people, who are against the ban, think that the convict needs to be hanged because he has forfeited the right to live of other person. And the supporters view is that the person should be given reformatory punishment like imprisonment. The supporters only think about the welfare of the convict, but they have to start looking from the victim’s point of view too. India is a country where the punishment is given for reformation and not for deterrence. The law in India is such that, it ensures that the person who committed the wrong realises his mistake and refrains from repeating that.

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