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Volume II Issue II

August - September 2021

Advika M, Sastra University, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu

Arthi R, Sastra University, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu

Page: 1-13

Devadasis or Joginis were young girls dedicated to the service of temples. This system was widely practiced in southern India, where they had a rich artistic tradition of dance and music, and were protected by their royal patrons.

Page: 14-26

Snehal Bhatia, Symbiosis Law School, Noida

In today's world, business transactions are frequently complex, multi-layered, and require parties from multiple jurisdictions signing numerous agreements. As a result, the parties engaged confront a number of challenges in ensuring that the transaction's primary economic goal is met all the while preserving the interests of other parties involved.

Ranjini Ghosh, Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Page: 27-32

This judgement passed by the Supreme Court of India is indicative of the shift in the real estate industry following the introduction of RERA (The Real Estate [Regulation and Development] Act, 2016) which has resulted in the rights of the homeowners being safeguarded against the malice of builders and realtors.

Sayan Ghosh, Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Madhu Rana, PhD Research Scholar, GITAM University Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Page: 33-48

In present time, sustainable management of Electronic Waste is immerging as a huge problem and developing countries are the main target of this problem, as the Electronic Waste either dumped in the developing countries or their own management of the Electronic Waste is not developed as effective as in developed countries.

Shreyasi Nath, KIIT School of Law

Page: 49-51

This manuscript deals with the basic procedure of credit risk analyzation where, the bank needs to go through the thorough details of the borrower, in order to understand the capability of the borrower of returning or paying off the loans that has been taken by him. The process of credit analyzation helps in the proper conduct of the entire lending procedure of the bank, it gives the bank or the creditor a sense of security, which is an important element in the functioning of any financial institution.