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Volume IV Issue II

 April - May 2022

Dr. Sukhda Pritam, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ambala, Haryana

Page: 01-14

This article discusses about the scenario where parties are Hindus of Indian origin and place of residence may vary from time to time. The word “Hindu” in this article refers to all individuals who come under purview of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 section 2(1).

Saurabh Ajay Gupta, Additional Advocate General (Chhattisgarh), Former Additional Advocate General (Punjab), Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India

Page: 15-25

In any democratic society, work in a prison is public service. Prisons are places like schools and hospitals which should be run by civil power with object of contributing to the public good.

Aathi Kesavan A, Christ (Deemed to be) University

Page: 26-36

Law in all counties authorises and permits police to use force under some circumstances. It is their mandate and it cannot be questioned. It is the police who have to protect the society from the offenders and to reduce the acts

Srijan Bisht, BA LLB, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

Page: 37-42

Mahabharata is an epic tale from the 9th century BCE. It was written and compiled by Ved Vyasa. The epic holds great relevance in the Indian Context. It has taught our civilisation the meaning of dharma and principles.

Eshita Bhasin, LLM, Corporate and Commercial Law, School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be) University, Bangalore

Page: 43-59

From the inception of the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanism in India, the development, transformation, and modernization of the Arbitration Laws

Nikita Chhabra, Centre for Legal Studies, GIBS (IP University), Rohini, New Delhi

Rahul Kashyap, Centre for Legal Studies, GIBS (IP University), Rohini, New Delhi

Page: 60-71

When the constitutional representatives and the elected government take their offices, they take an oath to uphold the constitution and to bear loyalty toward the constitution.

Neha Atul Alur, LLM, School of Legal Studies, Reva University

Page: 72-105

For the establishment of any institution or an organization, there is a pre-scribed legal process, and this is applicable all throughout the globe. In the similar lines, a company gets incorporated while following a legal due process

Sachin Drall, Jindal Global Law School

Page: 106-112

This paper is committed to provide the reader an extensive understanding of the underlined topic i.e. ‘Mortgage by conditional sale’ and ‘sale with an option to repurchase’ in accordance with the Transfer property Act; 1882.

Vishalakshi Keshari, School of Law, UPES

Page: 113-127

The paper elaborates both the criminal and the civil procedures under the Hindu, Muslim, Parsi and Christian personal laws, as to how a person falling within the particular categories can claim maintenance.