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Volume IV Issue V

October - November 2022

Mr Prabhakar D. Karandikar, (I.A.S.), Indian Administrative Service

Page: 01-07

The provisions of Section 34 (2) of Civil Procedure Code appear to deny equitable relief to the Decree Holder even when there is inordinate delay in payment of the decretal amount by the Judgement Debtor delays.

Dr. Sukhda Pritam, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ambala, Haryana

Page: 08-21

This article discusses about the scenario where parties are Hindus of Indian origin and place of residence may vary from time to time. The word “Hindu” in this article refers to all individuals who come under purview of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 section 2(1).

Srishti Shankar, BSW.LLB, Gujarat National Law University