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An Analysis On The Concept Of Female Infanticide And Its Implications

Carol James & Sri Rakshaa. B, Christ Deemed To Be University, Bangalore


“The Progress of a nation will be blocked, if its women are locked”. With relevance to this quote, the research paper lays an emphasis on the hindrances that are faced by women in a global level. There are a lot of initiatives and development schemes to empower women, yet the status of women are still diminished in certain regions of the world including India. The United Nations in the year 2015 while passing the UNGA Resolution 70/1 adopted the 2030 Agenda which primarily focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which include economic inequality, Sustainable consumption, Peace and justice. The authors of the research paper are focusing on the means to achieve 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Primarily with regard to the Combination of Goal no.5 and Goal no.10 which discusses about Gender equality and reduced inequalities includes the methods of reduction of female foeticide and girl infanticide and the freedom of child bearing. And also explores Goal no.4 which specifies Quality education by providing Self-awareness which will in turn result in analysing the term “Empowerment”. Finally, Goal no.16 which ensures Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions focuses on evolving women from their submissive stage to the empowered stage. On Observation, it can be found that all these goals are interconnected and can be achieved by inculcating basic traits of Self-reliance, clarity of thought, Self-Confidence and Self-defence both physically and mentally. The authors of the research paper on a critical analysis have found that the suppression of women in certain parts of the country have waived their right to raise voice for themselves due to lack of awareness resulting in reduction of choice which had consequently increased the crime rates against them. On conclusion, the authors emphasise on three adjectives: “Determination, decision and dedication destines the path for development.”

Keywords: Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations, Empowerment, Female Foeticide, Girl Infanticide

Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research

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