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Challenges in Adopting Technology and Shifting from ADR to ODR

Mayank Kumar Pandey, KIIT University (School of Law)


This research article will give you an insight over the idea of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which will make you understand its essential role in today's world. The primary purpose of this article is to introduce primary issues with respect to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) which will express every one of the contrasts between medium, their benefits and drawbacks as well, then how much efficient as a way-out it is and the actual purpose of resolving the civil disputes between the individuals are being being accomplished or nor and in the event that indeed, up to what extent. You'll track down a profound investigation regarding the matter where pretty much every conspicuous angle has been covered like how innovation and technology is including the legal arena too. At last, the paper additionally traces in a near route about the ADR and ODR structure and closes with some ground scenario analysis and suppositions as far as the future of this system.

Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research

Abbreviation: IJLLR

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