Evolution Of Legal And Fundamental Rights And The Battle Of Identity Of The Lgbtq Community

Meghna Sharma , Bennett University


Homophobia and transphobia are some of the evils of our Indian society which has been present from ages. Prior to some landmark constitutional judgments, the basic rights were denied to the LGBTQ community and their existence and identity were simply ignored by the society. This community has been ostracized and humiliated since centuries and the constitutional judgments were the need of the hour. The LGBTQ community’s fundamental rights have been affirmed and their existence and needs have been finally recognized by the courts. There is a change observed in the approach to view this community and there is a shift seen from their status as illegal, unnatural or sinful to natural, equal and legal.

The aim and objective behind this research paper are to explore the identities of the LGBTQ community and research about the evolution of their fundamental rights. The paper also seeks to look at the evolution of their culture and identity. The research method that is being used is the descriptive research method in which various judgements of the Supreme/high courts and their effect on the fundamental rights of the people of the LGBTQ community will be analyzed.

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