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Illegal Organ And Human Trafficking During Covid 19

Tanmay Avinash Deshmukh, Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law, Mumbai


There is no country in the world who is unaffected by wrath of ‘illegal organ and human trafficking’. Worst thing is that most of the involved criminals are experts in medical sciences and practice. The argument by these white-collar criminals is they are saving life, but at what cost? People who can not afford basic livelihood are forced to sell their self (“So called organ donation program”). Human saving life of other human is just like man playing god. It should be within the boundaries of ethics.

Eleven countries have biggest number of illegal human and organ trafficking. These includes Thailand, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Uganda, Brazil, Haiti, China and Bangladesh. However Bangladesh stands for large number of organ and human trafficking in the world. Among these 11 countries, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Uganda, Haiti has extremely high rate of child and women forced into begging, free labor and prostitution. This is serious kind of offence. Its well accepted fact that world of shadows is bigger than world in light, and those shadows are now tying to takeover god by ruining fate of innocent.

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