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Is Justice Done To Victims Of Capital Offences?

Taj Reefa H, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University


To kill one for another is revenge and not justice. The real justice in death penalty lies in the redressal of the victims, by taking back them to a position which they enjoyed before the havoc. This article deals with various issues concerning the victims of capital offences, preservation of their rights and their redressal. This article has been divided into 5 parts. The introductory part gives a brief sketch of death penalty and the victims of capital offences. Legal issues concerning the victims are discussed with reference to the need for compensation and the concept of restitution of their financial and social status is given under the second part. The political factors that influence the victims are discussed from the perspective of vote bank politics. The major concern regarding protection of victims from the social phenomenon of secondary victimization has been emphasized in the third part. In the fourth part, the emotional trauma they face before and during the trial is shown. The need of the hour ie., promotion of rights and the redressal of victims have been mentioned in the concluding chapter.

Keywords: Redressal, Right of the victims, Restorative justice.

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