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Rights Of Illegitimate Children In India

Kritika Kalra, Verendra Kalra & Co.

“There are no illegitimate children- only illegitimate parents.” - Leon R. Yankwich.


Despite the ever dynamic evolution of humanity, there still remain certain social concepts that carry with them issues of the past. Illegitimacy, stands as one such concern that has been unable to shed the negative connotations attached to it. It is no novel fact that illegitimate children are treated like pariahs in our society. In this paper, fore mostly, I will shed light on the destructive understanding of Illegitimacy and the traumas endured by the victims of such societal perception. Subsequently, I will study the legal mechanisms prevalent in India with respect to the rights of illegitimate children, followed by the parallel understanding of the same concept and its legal protection in USA and Europe.

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