The Impact of COVID-19 on Climate Change and Environment

Ashish Ranjan, Central University Of South Bihar, Gaya


Climate Change has been a Centre of focus for centuries. The consequences of COVID- 19 pandemic are serious impairment, change development approaches, remarkable economic growth and dramatic change in economic activity in 2020. Global GDP is estimated to diminish by 4.9% in 2020 according to report of IMF, 2020a. In this paper, I have examined similarities and differences between two global problems, COVID-19 and Climate Change, and the degree to which the confront with the COVID-19 pandemic can be of use for intercepting problem of climate change.

This study tries to investigate the positive aw well as negative environmental impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. This paper highlights that, the pandemic significantly improves air quality, reduces Greenhouse gas emission, minimizes water pollution which may aid with reimposition of the ecological system. The Pandemic may have fastened progress towards aim set out in Paris Agreement on Climate Change. But, at the same time, there are negative repercussions such as increase of medical waste, haphazard use and disposal of disinfectants, mask, gloves which consistently threatened environment.

We can say that both Climate Change and COVID-19 Pandemic are negative externalities. Although, COVID-19 pandemic may have some positive impact on environment but the overall impact of COVID-19 pandemic across the world is drastic and it will have longer impact. There are certain things which we can learn from this pandemic like, we need to anticipate rather than react, we can make drastic changes quickly and pervade in greener future and key to victorious response is to protect everyone. Learning from Policy challenges could escalate endeavor to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and develop humanity for future crisis.

Keywords: COVID-19 Pandemic, Climate Change, Transformational Change, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Sustainability, Biomedical waste, Lockdown, Public Health, Greenhouse gas emissions.

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