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What Comes First-Right Or Duty?

Mamta Sadh, A.D.Y.P.University (School of Law)


Asking the question whether Right comes first or Duty, is akin to asking what came first, Chicken or Egg? Both Right and duty are two sides of the same coin. If you place one on top, the other gets covered. The beauty of it would be in having a balance like the coin in the film Sholay. According to me, Rights and duties are corresponding and correlated. Every Right or I can say most of the Rights have corresponding duties, therefore they coexist.

A ‘Right’ in legal parlance would mean legal entitlement to do something and at the same time ‘Duty’ would mean a moral or legal obligation. Both these terms will have a legal entitlement or responsibility. Rights and Duties according to me have been as old as the history of human beings.


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