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Analysing Mergers And Acquisitions In Light Of The Acquisition Between Zomato And Uber Eats

Analysing Mergers And Acquisitions In Light Of The Acquisition Between Zomato And Uber Eats: A Critical Analysis

Anshu Singh, Amity University, Kolkata


The Indian Companies Act 2013 has brought in significant changes in the merger and acquisitions (M&A) regime. With the introduction of new provisions allowing cross border mergers and global integration -- both inbound and outbound, enhancing disclosure norms and fast track mergers, increasing protection to minority and investors, incorporating business friendly corporate laws, etc., India has not only improved its world ranking in the ease of doing business, but the changes have also been applauded by lawyers and corporate across the world.

The Author, through this research work tries to analyse the provisions of the Indian Companies Act, 2013 relating to M&A and their impact on the mergers and acquisitions. She further focuses on the famous acquisition in India of the year 2020, the merger of Uber eats with Zomato pursuant to the Companies Act 2013, for an all stock acquisition deal, to help Zomato gain competitive benefits from Swiggy and greater negotiating powers with the restaurants. She further ventures to analyse the impact of the acquisition on Zomato and its market share in the food-tech space in the presence of its biggest competition, Swiggy.

For this research paper, the Author will be adopting the doctrinal method to proceed with her research work. Primary resources the author will be referring to in the course of her research work will include books and journals. Other sources like articles and the like will be accessed online through the use of online databases. The author will limit her research work to the resources available on the internet. Also, since the merger of Uber Eats and Zomato is a recent event, the post merger data relates to only a few months and hence the study relates to a very short period after merger.

Keywords: Mergers, Acquisitions, Cross Border Merger, Zomato, Uber eats, Food tech space.

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