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Striking The Balance: Mediating Investor-State Disputes Ina Treaty-Driven World

Arun S, Christ University


The landscape of international relations is marked by a complex interplay between investors and states, woven together by a intricate web of treaties and agreements. In the era of an increasingly interconnected global economy, the surge in foreign direct investment has catalyzed a parallel increase in disputes between investors and states. Traditionally, the resolution of these disputes has been entrusted to arbitration, a process deeply embedded in the fabric of international investment law. However, the inherent limitations and criticisms of the arbitration model have spurred the emergence of an alternative paradigm—mediation.This article undertakes a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted realm of investor- state disputes within the context of a treaty-driven world. It delves into the nuanced evolutionof mediation as a viable and adaptive solution, aiming to unravel the intricate balancerequired to harmonize the divergent interests of investors and states.


Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research

Abbreviation: IJLLR

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