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Criminalization Of Politics In India And Its Effects

Anmol Thukral, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, GGSIPU


The criminalization of politics in India is a concerning issue that undermines democratic values, erodes public trust, and hinders effective governance. This phenomenon poses significant challenges to political ethics and requires comprehensive measures to address it.

This paper explores the history of the criminalization of politics in India, highlighting the impact it has on the political culture and democratic principles of the country. It discusses the role of the judiciary in combating political criminalization, including the interpretation and application of laws, disqualification of candidates, ensuring fair trials, and upholding constitutional principles.

The paper also explores the political ethics related to India's criminalization of politics. It places a focus on the betrayal of public confidence, tainted governance, deterioration of democratic values, and the influence of illegal activity. The importance of moral leadership, the function of media and civil society, and the difficulties brought on by the criminalization of politics are also discussed. The paper makes a number of suggestions for countermeasures to the criminalization of politics, but it leaves the judiciary out. Stronger legal frameworks, electoral reforms, political party reforms, public awareness and education, independent investigative bodies, and institution-to-institution cooperation are some of these measures. It emphasises the value of addressing this issue through public accountability, citizen activism, and global cooperation.

In conclusion, the paper emphasizes the significance of a multi-faceted approach involving various stakeholders to combat the criminalization of politics in India. By implementing these measures, India can strive towards a more ethical and accountable political system, strengthening democracy and restoring public confidence in the political process.

Keywords: Crimilization, Governance, Political Culture


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