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Research Article On The Distinction In The Use Of Writ Jurisdiction When Government Action

Research Article On The Distinction In The Use Of Writ Jurisdiction When Government Action Is Challenged On The Anvil Of Fundamental Rights And Government Inaction Is So Challenged

Siddhi Sandeep Gijare, University of Mumbai


In this following article which is a summary analysis on the cases that are filed in the court challenging the government action or inaction with the help of applicability of writ jurisdiction and implication toward fundamental rights granted by the constitution of the country.

This topic helps us to explore the power that has been vested with the use of writ jurisdiction in cases of violation of fundamental case dur to action or inaction of the government against the citizens and how the judicial body can exercise its power to issue writs to any person or an association to abide by its policies. We shall also discuss the independence of the judiciary and its unique powers that have been granted to it so that it remains as a separate body of justice and is not in control of the other government bodies.


Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research

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