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Sportswashing Through Sponsorship & Ownership Of Sports Teams: Unveiling The Manipulation Of Public

Sportswashing Through Sponsorship & Ownership Of Sports Teams: Unveiling The Manipulation Of Public Image For Political & Economic Gain

Swagath Chanila Ramachandra, Legal Counsel – WEVOLV LLC


Sportswashing is a prominent modern concern in the sports industry that diverts attention from controversial issues. This paper examines the issues and concerns that sportswashing presents through the tools of sponsorship and ownership of sports teams, with a focus on the case study of Manchester City’s ownership by the Abu Dhabi United Group in the English Premier League. The paper delves into the motivations behind sportswashing entities that make significant investments in clubs. The paper also examines the potential conundrums, ethical dilemmas, and political controversies that occur due to such investments with the main focus being the diversion of attention, as well as creating a positive image for oneself. Through a comprehensive understanding of sportswashing through sponsorship and ownership, this paper will highlight the exploitation of sports for political gain and raise the issues that this presents for sports integrity, sports branding, and competition integrity. The paper will then highlight the need for enhanced regulations, ethical guidelines, transparency, and accountability as potential solutions to combat sportswashing practices. By understanding the issues that arise through sportswashing as well as identifying the solutions to address these issues, the sports industry can ensure that sports continue to be a unifying and authentic platform, free from exploitation for political or commercial gain.


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