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Unveiling The Silent Suffering: Exploring The Plight Of Victims In False Rape Allegations

Lovish, BA LLB, Panjab University, Chandigarh


The paper titled "Unveiling the Silent Suffering: Exploring the Plight of Victims in False Rape Allegations" delves into the harrowing impact of false rape accusations on men in India. While acknowledging the severity of rape as a heinous crime, the study highlights the devastating consequences faced by those wrongly accused. The research draws attention to the lack of focus on men's rights in contemporary discussions and presents statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau, revealing a significant number of falserape cases based on false promises of marriage.

The paper examines the motives behind false rape cases, revealing patterns such as consensual sex criminalized by parents and breach of promise to marry. It emphasizes the need for a sensitive and fair approach to differentiate between genuine cases and malicious accusations. The paper discusses relevant amendments to Indian Penal Code and specific court judgments related to false rape allegations. The study explores the profound effects of false accusations on the accused, including violations of human rights, psychological impact, legal strain, social stigma, and career setbacks. It recommends alternative measures rather than punishing the complainant to foster a safer environment for reporting and addressing sexual offenses. Suggestions include non-disclosure of accused details, perjury proceedings for repeat offenders, fast-track special courts, and safeguarding the rights of the accused throughout the legal process.

The paper concludes by emphasizing the urgency for societal transformation, legal reforms, public awareness, and support networks to combat false rape cases effectively. It calls for a compassionate society that upholds justice, truth, and fairness for all individualsaffected by this distressing phenomenon.


Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research

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