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Volume V Issue III

June - July 2023

Mr Prabhakar D. Karandikar, (I.A.S.), Indian Administrative Service

Page: 01-07

The provisions of Section 34 (2) of Civil Procedure Code appear to deny equitable relief to the Decree Holder even when there is inordinate delay in payment of the decretal amount by the Judgement Debtor delays.

Kwame Gyan, Senior Lecturer, University of Ghana School of Law, Ghana

Justin Awanzirigo Akampule, B.L Candidate, Ghana School of Law, Ghana

Page: 08-19

The paper draws from my findings in an earlier publication and argues that the phenomenon of mismanagement of mineral resources over the years is a product of Ghana’s legal regime that allows for the State to superintend over mineral resources.

Dr. Seema Surendran, Professor, CMR School of Legal Studies, CMR University, Bengaluru

Sushmitha K, LLM, CMR School of Legal Studies, CMR University, Bengaluru

Page: 20-30

In the modern globalizing world, the aviation industry has played a key role by transporting the passengers as well as the cargo throughout the world. International trade and international transportation